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Rising, Rising, Rising for Truth --2018 Vote in Honor of Dr. Ford -- Will you join me?

Since hearing the testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, I am rising, rising, rising!   What is it going to take to get people to open their eyes to truth -- 'truth over politics'?  
The courage of Dr. Ford to come forward during these challenging times in our nation, is more than inspiring.  She has ignited a force of personal conviction that says, 'speak your truth' for justice and civic duty.  She put her life and the lives of those she loves into the public spotlight.  For her courage, voice, and coming forward even against all odds --  I am eternally grateful.
One voice can make a difference for so many.  For every election and each year, I exercise my civic duty and VOTE!  I have wondered what it will take to get people to vote, be informed on their vote, and how can we elevate the voices of women and girls?
While I am only one, I will use my voice and actions to get people to vote.  I ask you to VOTE on or before November 6, 2018, and get three others to vote -- remind a friend to mail in their ballot, call them on Election Day and make sure they voted, take them to the polls, and remind everyone to get their voter receipt and verify their votes as they are voting.
I am rising, rising, rising and dedicate my voice and vote to 'truth' and in honor of Dr. Ford.  Yes, you too can dedicate your vote in honor of Dr. Ford and/or dedicate your vote in honor of an amazing woman in your life.  Go over to #VOTEInHonorofDrFord and #VOTEinHonorofWomen and post your dedication.  
In November with record numbers of women elevating our voices, we will hold our elected officials accountable to hearing us and representing ALL Americans -- We will make Herstory together!  Will you join me?
Vivian Shimoyama
twitter @vshimoyama
twitter @WomenGOTV