Special Edition Jewelry

The Sisters Lead Sisters Vote (SLSV) Special Edition Glass Ceiling Jewelry is a custom design for an organization of Black women leaders. We made the pin with our signature clear iridescent glass with black iridescent glass accents. The shapes are the triangular 'delta' to symbolize CHANGE and the impact that SLSV is making. A portion of the proceeds from the SLSV collection will go toward their groundbreaking work.

"Black iridescent glass, because Black women have picked up the shards of society bringing us together towards a more perfect union!", says Rene Redwood, SLSV Leader

Sisters Lead Sisters Vote was formed and founded by a group of Black women leaders to be a voice for the interests of Black women and their families:

  1. SLSV supports issues and policy that affect the well-being of Black women, their families and communities of African descent and economically disadvantaged communities;
  2. SLSV provides education about issues, candidates for political office and the political process;
  3. SLSV promotes the civic engagement and participation and community leadership of women of African descent and the diaspora in American; and
  4. SLSV engages and organizes our community, locally, nationally and online to stand for the issues, policies and people that impact the lives of Black women and their families.