About Vivian

Vivian Shimoyama is a glass fusion artist. Her collection of artwork started with her desire to promote the advancement of women and people of color.  Vivian designed a glass brooch that is a symbol of breaking barriers … the glass ceiling.  The glass ceiling has been known as the invisible barrier that women and people of color bump up against in all walks of life.   

Her pins have graced the lapels of prominent women in politics, corporations, and governments.  And, her ‘Breakthru… the glass ceiling pin’ has been in various publications, and is featured in Madame Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s collection and her book – Read My Pins 

The Read My Pins book and pin collection have been on a national and international tour.  Ms. Shimoyama’s glass ceiling pin has been exhibited at the Smithsonian, The Clinton Presidential Library, New York Museum of Arts and Design, The Mint Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, and Bowers Museum to name a few.
Ms. Shimoyama started with her ‘glass with a cause’, creating a line of ‘Breakthru…the glass ceiling’ jewelry and artwork.  She has also created limited and custom edition pieces.  As a glass artist her creations have expanded to creating fused glass artwork pieces, mixed media, and utilizing glass techniques that include painting, pattern bars, frit, glass etching, and more.

She lives and works in Long Beach, California.