ANNOUNCING: Breaking Barriers and Glass Celings in The White House 2021 created in honor of Vice President Kamala Harris

Women Get Out The Vote -- In Honor of 'Our Notorious RBG' and Women Who Inspire Us!

RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

I find myself reaching out to people across our nation so that our actions will have a lasting impact on the upcoming election.  When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed I took time to remember and recognize her leadership and how I was inspired by her work in breaking through so many barriers, and not letting glass ceilings get in her way.  Our nation’s feelings of respect would be abruptly cut short — Yes, within moments, disrespect and innuendo from the leader of our nation would be shown to RBGs family!

We can each make a difference in this moment in time.  Let's stop the political bantering, and let’s take a moment to show our respect, calm, and silence for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Because, in this silence as I take a deep breath, I am reminded of a life well lived and am energized by RBG.  In the calm, with gratitude, I think of every person who helped to pick me up when I was down, pushed me so that I could soar, and inspired me.

Join me as we vote in honor of RBG and dedicate our votes to women who inspire us!  Go to the polls, mail in your ballot, get others to vote, make calls, post on social media, send postcards, work on a campaign, make contributions to campaigns, and don't listen to the polls -- make things happen. The 2020 election needs people of all ages, and backgrounds to vote, and get out the vote.  

As together we get out the vote, think about RBG and those who inspire us to — 

Be strategic,


Be brave,

Collaborate with those that have different views than us,

Be an individual of integrity and character,

Elevate and honor our colleagues, friends, and those in our family,

Be a person of our word,

Push ourselves to the limit,

Lead with strength and empathy,

Use our voices,

Speak up for those that need our support and voices.

Vote in honor of a woman who believed in you even more than you believed in yourself!  This is the legacy of RBG, she is asking us to carry on her work, she was strategic and fought hard for the rights for women, people of color, our LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, those in need of healthcare, a woman's right to choose, and for equality for every American citizen. 

TAKE ACTION -- Get moving, Get Out The Vote, and elect a President who will lead for ALL Americans!

VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN and Kamala Harris, contribute and get out the vote.

Senate Races are so important in 2020!   Vote for candidates who will uphold the Constitution and use their power to better the lives of all American citizens.

Senator for Maine -- VOTE SARA GIDEON for Senator of Maine

#SaraGideonForSenate        #ByeByeCollins

Sara Gideon is running for U.S. Senate because she believes too many politicians in Washington are focused more on the special interests than the interests of the people they’re supposed to represent.  As she always has, in the state Senate, Sara Gideon will put Maine first.  She is running against Susan Collins, supporter of Brett Kavanaugh and to her we say -- #ByeByeCollins!

Senator for Kentucky -- VOTE AMY MCGRATH 

#AmyMcGrathforSenate             #ByeByeMcConnell

Amy McGrath former fighter pilot will fix the corruption McConnell has created and benefited from and reform Washington so that our federal government actually works for everyday Kentuckians and not special interests and big corporations.  She is running against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  It is an uphill climb that Amy is up for and she needs our support.

Senator for New Hampshire -- VOTE FOR JEANNE SHAHEEN 

#JeanneShaneenforSenate        #ByeByeMessner

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is the first woman in American history to be elected Governor and U.S. Senator, with a record of breaking partisan gridlock to make a difference for the people of New Hampshire.  She is in the lead, but Trump is after this seat.  Let's support Jeanne.

Senator for Texas -- VOTE MJ HEGAR

#MJHegarforSenate           #ByeByeCornyn

A combat veteran, working mom, and Texan, MJ Hegar doesn't back down from a fight when it means standing up for what's right.  She is a veteran Air Force pilot, and opened doors of opportunity for women to serve in combat.  Running against incumbent John Cornyn, you recognize him, he is the shadow of Mitch McConnell.


#TheresaGreenfieldforSenate      #ByeByeErnst

Theresa Greenfield is a farm kid with farm kid values. She’s running for Senate because it’s time Iowans had a Senator who put Iowans first – not the special interests. Growing up on a farm instilled in her a get-it-done attitude she will bring to the Senate to solve problems for working families.  She is a business owner and understands the needs of small businesses.  Running against an incumbent, Joni Ernst the race is close, support Greenfield!

Senator for Arizona -- VOTE MARK KELLY

#MarkKellyforSenate           #ByeByeMcSally

Mark Kelly, Navy veteran and former NASA astronaut says, "I never expected to be here. Gabby was always the member of Congress in the family, and the person who taught me everything I know about how to use policy to improve people’s lives. I bring a different set of experiences to the table than most in Washington. Seeing the challenges that we face as a state and a country, I know I can put these experiences to use to make a difference in the lives of people here in Arizona."

Senator for South Carolina -- VOTE JAIME HARRISON

#JaimeHarrisonForSenate         #ByeByeGraham

Jaime Harrison is running for U.S. Senate to fight for opportunity for all South Carolinians, and he’s willing to work with anyone to do it. Because when a rural hospital closes, or coverage for pre-existing conditions is threatened, the health of all South Carolinians is put at risk.  He is running against incumbent Lindsay Graham, supporter of Brett Kavanaugh and pushing through Supreme Court justices in an election year.


Vivian Shimoyama
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Vivian Shimoyama is an entrepreneur, advocate, and artist.  She is known for her life's work in economic development and advancing women and people of color.  Her jewelry creation, "The Breaking the Glass Ceiling Pin" has graced the lapels of women and men around the world, and is featured in Madeleine Albright's book -- Read My Pins.